Do you offer any breakfast?
No. breakfast is not included in the plan. However, there are many café or restraint around here.
Tell me about check in/out times, and what to do.
Check in: Please check in between 15:00 and 22:00. For visitors from overseas, please show your passport. If you are arriving after 22:00, please inform us in advance. Check out: Please check out by 11:00 am. An overdue fee will be added after 11:00 (¥1,500/hr).
Can you keep my luggage before checking in or after checking out?
Before checking in on the day of your stay, we can keep your luggage from 10:00 am. After checking out, we can keep your luggage until 22:00 on the same day of your check out.
Can we keep our room key when we go out?
After checking in, you can keep your key to go out. Please return the key to the front desk when you are checking out.
Can we send a parcel from the hotel?
Yes. Only domestic parcel. Please ask at the front desk.
Is there a curfew?
No, however, the front door is locked after 21:00 for security reasons. Please use the entrance code if you are coming back after midnight.
Can I invite a friend who is not staying at the hotel to my room?
We’re sorry, but we cannot allow anyone other than our guests enter the room from the view point of public morals, crime prevention and fire protection. Please use the lobby in front of the front desk on the first floor to meet with your friends.


Is there a bathroom/toilet in the room?
No. For other rooms, please use the shared shower room and toilet located outside the room.
Is there a coin-operated laundry?
No there are no laundry machine in this facilities. However, there are a few laundry place(coin laundry) nearby.
Is there a kitchen I can use?
No there is no kitchen.
Is there a food or drink service?
We have free coffee, tea, green tea, and water.
Is there an internet connection available?
We have free Wi-Fi available in the hotel.
What time is the front desk open till?
The front desk is open and available from 10:00 to 22:00.
Is there a parking lot?
No, there isn’t. Please use a nearby pay parking lot.


How can I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel the reservation anytime but we don’t refund it.
Is there an age limit to stay at your guest house?
You have to be over 10 years old to stay at the dormitory-type room. Children under 10 years old can stay in a room other than a dormitory room; therefore, if you have any children under 10 years old, choose a room other than a dormitory room.